About Brian Pfeiffer and Surreal Night Life.

Independent hosting is a sexy, but very serious business, especially in Las Vegas. You can't just be any person off the street and hope to work with these nightclubs; you need a gaming license, you have to pass an FBI background check, go through a lot of bureaucracy and own a legit company (State LLC) to do business with them. You also have to have the pull, the right contacts, and relationships built on trust in order to work a deal.

I started in this business as a front door host in 2000, and 20 years later, I worked my way up to become a major player in the nightlife industry. While I still have ownership in a club in Chicago and own a large Chicago-based Halloween and New Year's Event Company, my home has been in Las Vegas since February 2013 when The Hakkasan Group moved me to the City to be their promotions manager for both Wet Republic and Hakkasan. Nearly one year into my Vegas Adventure, I had enough customers to start my own independent hosting company – Surreal LLC..

I do well in this business because my company is reputable, I exceed my customer’s expectations, and most importantly, I have the proper licensing. I am licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Click HERE to download my Nevada gaming license: and to my Clark County Professional Promoter business license: Download the report and lookup Surreal LLC and be sure to check out our 5-Star Reviews.

A few words of advice, before you book any Bottle Service, please make sure you are working with a licensed company like mine and someone who knows what they’re doing and who will go above and beyond to make your experience an amazing one! Trust me when I say, I know how to throw a great party. I live and breathe this business 24/7; it’s my passion! Understand, we are working for you and not the clubs. With my years of event and clubbing experience, and hundreds of connections, your Vegas Vacation will be better than anything you ever imagined.

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